My story

My current art takes a closer look at botanicals & our mystical connection to each other and the natural world around us. I seek to continue to celebrating both the dark & the light within each of us and the world around us. I hope that my art brings you joy, wonder and a lot of love. Let’s focus our energy on our creative gifts to create a more vibrant, loving world. ” XOXO, Colleen Craig

Colleen holds a Fine Arts Teaching Credential and a B.A in Fine Arts from CSUS. Colleen has taught High School Fine Arts and Industrial art.

Since 2014 Colleen has been pursing her art career expanding both artistically and emotionally.

Colleen has faced much adversity in her life , challenges of mental health and surviving through childhood trauma. Art was her tool to survive and now she wants to be there for other artists who are struggling. One day she envisions building a beautiful cooperative arts space for artist to not only support themselves but one another. Surrounded by luscious plant gardens, soothing healing spaces within a loving community.